What is reMIVEri?

Hard to believe now, but Milan was historically a city of water. It was connected to rivers, lakes and seas by its many waterways. 










In 2015, as a way to celebrate the Expo in Milan, a few members of the San Cristoforo rowing club gathered to create reMIVEri. An association whose goal is to rediscover the historical identity of Milan as city of water, while promoting rowing not only as the sport we love, but also as a form of environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism.
That year, 11 rowers on 2 coxed quads rowed the 450km (280 miles) from Milan to Venice in 8 days. It was the first time since it was last attempted in 1927. The crews started their adventure on May 16th in Milan and arrived in Venice on May 24th,  just in time to take part in the famous Venetian regatta Vogalonga.


We loved it so much that, in 2016, reMIVEri undertook yet another adventure: 12 rowers on 2 coxed quads rowed 500km (310 miles) in 7 days. We covered the distance from Candoglia, on the Lake Maggiore, to Milan, and then from Lodi to Ravenna.  The first leg was used in the 14th century to transport marble and stones for the construction of the Duomo cathedral. The second leg connects Milan to the Adriatric sea. We named them the ‘Marble Waterway’ and the ‘Longobard Waterway’.






ReMIVEri continue their mission. Stay tuned to find out what we are cooking for 2017.